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PH Online Qualifiers

Registration Period

Qualifier #1 : 13th Jun - 16th Jun

Qualifier #2 : 29th Jun - 2nd Jul

Qualifier Guidelines

This is open to all teams who are not seeded directly to the National Qualifiers

Eligibility Requirements

  • Players must be 17 yrs of age as of the first date of the open qualifiers.
  • At least 3/5 'Starters' must be residents of your region, and at least 4 members of the registered roster must be residents of your region.

Roster Requirements

  • Teams can register between 6-10 players in the open/main qualifiers.
  • Teams who have advanced to the main qualifiers of their respective regions are additionally required to maintain a “Head Coach” or “Team Manager”. The Head Coach or Team Manager may not play a Match as a Player.
  • A Team will be allowed a Roster of six Players as their GCM Roster. Additionally, a Team is required to maintain a Seventh Player if the Team’s Starting Line-up is comprised of three Residents and two Non-Residents and the Team’s Substitute is a Non-Resident. This Seventh Player cannot be moved to the Starting Line-up unless another Player becomes unable to play. If a Player is replaced by the Seventh Player that Player will be ineligible to play for the rest of Play-Offs.

Roster Lock

  • Teams are required to lock in their roster before the end of the Petition Period.

SEA Tour 2018 Ruleset

  • You can find the full official SEA Tour 2018 rule set here.

Important Information

Qualifiers Format
Single elimination | Best of 1

Online Qualifiers 1 | June 22 - 24

Online Qualifiers 2 | July 6 - 8

Top 2 Teams for each qualifier will advance to the
National Qualifiers

PH National Qualifiers

Format Details
  • The top 2 teams from the Pro Gaming Series 2018 Spring Season will be seeded directly into the National Main Qualifiers. The 3rd-6th placed teams from the Pro Gaming Series 2018 Spring Season will compete in an invitational tournament prior to the start of Open Qualifiers, where the top 2 teams from the tournament will be seeded directly into the National Main Qualifiers.
  • 8 Teams | Double-Elimination Tournament Bracket.
  • Winners and Losers Bracket Finals will be Best-of-5.
  • The rest of the matches are Best-of-3.
  • Winners of each bracket will represent the Philippines in the Globe Conquerors Manila - Main Event.

Globe Conquerors Manila Format

Only the worthy will survive

It's time to settle the score on who really is the best League of Legends team in Southeast Asia.